Jul. 23, 12



I have three aprons for clearance on my Etsy shop. These are my only clearance aprons I currently have and it’s very rare that any more will join them. They are all the exact aprons pictured above. We have…

Dragonball Z Goku Pinafore - This pinafore was a prototype and was created before I decided to add the dragonball mini-apron. I have decided to discontinue this style (with just the waist ties). This is a prototype that was created before I lined all of my apron skirts. Therefore, on the reverse side, you can see the seam which is usually hidden. Otherwise, this is a perfectly fine pinafore that wraps all the way around. It is discounted $35

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Apron -This is another prototype and an apron I have decided to discontinue since everyone orders the deluxe version with the symbol. This was one of my first aprons and, as such, was experimental as you can see by the skirt shape (different from the ones I offer now). This apron has been discounted $25

Legend of Zelda Link Apron - SOLD

I only have the three, so get them before they’re gone  =)  You can either purchase them over my Etsy site or send me a message on tumblr and we can complete the transaction over Paypal

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